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When children are in pain, parents are in pain, and vice versa. There is hope. I have spent the last 25 years facilitating positive change with complicated parenting challenges. Together we can manage the most difficult behavioral problems and special needs issues. As a parent of young adults, I have had first hand experience and been humbled by the experience. Throughout my 20+ years working in community children's mental health, schools, and private practice, I have honed my skill with child and family therapy, taught parenting classes, and facilitated parenting support groups with a variety of youth and families. Whatever your specific parenting challenges are, I have solutions that increase mutual respect and build on your child's intrinsic problem solving skills. The parent guides the child under my coaching using a strategic approach that recognizes your child's inner capacity for problem solving.

Positive parenting 
Parents tend to see me as an ally, someone who is human, flawed, accountable, and
has a sense of humor, as well as a positive and encouraging demeanor. I begin most parenting sessions with a deliberate inquiry about one thing parents were proud of with their parenting during the week. This serves the purpose of putting theory into action by demonstrating how positive change grows from a focus on strengths, rather than problems. It also draws on a technique I teach from the “nurtured heart approach” to parenting called “Kodak moments”.  It leads to discussion about “qualities of greatness” that parents demonstrate in these examples. When parents are able to do this for themselves and each other, it becomes second nature to apply these principles and techniques to children. 

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