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Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Is online therapy for you?

         Online therapy might be the right choice for you if you…

  • Have limited time or unexpected demands that make it difficult to drive to session on time.

    Clients are welcome to join from the car, a private office, or anywhere in California where you can maintain a confidential setting.

  • Are shy.

    Online therapy may provide the distance you need to start opening up to another person.

  • Worry about exposure to illness (even post Covid).

    Let’s face it. In person sessions can increase the risk of exposure to unwanted illnesses.

  • Prefer the comfort of your own home.

    It is possible that being in your own familiar space will allow you the comfort and boundary you need in order to feel more open.

  • Want to involve multiple family members (who have limited time and availability).

    I suggest that each family member join the session from a separate device and room, in order to have a boundary, as well as a good view of others in the session. It is easier to make eye contact when facing another person. You may even find that seeing each other clearly in a separate window allows for increased intimacy and clarity.

  • Have a child who feels more comfortable at home. 

    Children can participate in online therapy, too. We can discuss how to optimize the space so therapy feels fun, natural, private, and helpful. I suggest setting your child up in a bedroom (or other private room) with
    a door that is closed. Make sure you can be reached to provide support or collaborate as needed. Make sure that siblings are not able to interrupt. Place a device, such as a laptop, on a table, so your child is free to move around while the device maintains its position. Provide toys and art materials for use during session.

  •  Have children who will not be participating in the sessions.

    Many parents find it easier or more affordable (no childcare!) to locate children in the next room while doing a parenting or couple session from the comfort of home. Another convenient option is later evening parenting sessions, after children go to bed.

I take your needs very seriously and am committed to ensuring that strict care is given to privacy, nonverbal cues, and technology. Although I understand that you may realize online therapy is not right you, I encourage you to give it a try!