Children with Behavioral or Emotional Problems

emotional and behavioral problems

There can be a variety of factors contributing to child's behavioral and emotional problems. I usually start with at least one parenting session, in order to connect with parents, learn what has been tried, and develop a treatment plan that will be most effective in your situation. In this session, I begin to assess your child's needs, provide recommendations, and teach positive parenting skills, using my uniquely directive, playful, and interactive approach. Parents typically report having learned something new and eye-opening that they are able to put into action right away after just one session. Although you may have had parenting classes in the past, my interactive style of teaching and reviewing theory tends to reinforce the application of these skills in a new way. The goal is reduced emotional pain and isolation, as well as improved self esteem, all of this resulting in improved behavior. Online sessions are every bit as helpful as in person sessions toward achieving these goals. If and when we decide that individual child therapy sessions are the best approach, I will work with you to establish an optimal setting for your child, to introduce your child to the experience and to me, and to collaborate with you to fix any logistical problems that might arise. I am transparent about my methodology, while also maintaining your child's privacy.

Things can improve in your family and it is just a phone call away. 

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